Finding Joy in Brokenness: Mosaics of the Heart

Have you been going through a trial and are having a hard time finding the good in a bad situation?

Tami Fox shares personal situations where she had to dig deep to find the blessing in a difficult time. She uses Scripture verses and discussion questions to help you find joy in the hard times.

Some of the topics she talks about are:

  • Making Peace with Your Past
  • Being Discontent Takes Away Joy
  • Joy in the Hard Seasons
  • Choosing Joy When You Live in Chaos
  • Kindness Increases Joy
  • Live Intentionally with a Joyful Heart

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You can take the brokenness in life and create a masterpiece in your life.

A broken heart can be put back together
Like a stained glass mosaic.
Beauty can come from the brokenness
When it is put back together
Through love and patience.